Friday, December 26, 2008

Story Board

Alone in the Afternoon

When I was twenty years old and living in Paris I spent many afternoons roaming the streets, going no where in particular, jumping from cafe to cafe to watch people, write in my journal, or, many times, just sit there by myself and enjoy the afternoon and the scene in front of me. I love the cafe culture. I was always one of those people who enjoyed "alone time" but I didn't truly learn how to appreciate it until I was in France. I had wonderful friends there but I lived alone and I really grew to love those afternoons to myself. I grew to like eating alone, visiting a museum alone, reading in a park or sitting in cafe by myself.

Rarely were there so many open seats, as in this photo, but when it's raining in Paris you can have your open pick. I love this scene. To me it seems like something is about to happen at any moment. Someone will have a seat and order a cafe au lait, a waiter will come in and wipe the water droplets from the table top, a woman with a dog will sit and light up a cigarette...any number of things can happen. I love that element of surprise in all cities, but in Paris, even the most mundane is a story that you know will evolve into something touching. And, even if the seats remain unoccupied, the image is poetic.

It can really go anywhere if you use your imagination...

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