Saturday, December 06, 2008

Line Looking

I love finding these little corners in my city. This was so unexpected. I was running an errand downtown (photos of which I will post later because I was fascinated by the place that I was visiting) when I came upon this scene. Downtown Manhattan is very chaotic. There are usually cops everywhere, hundreds of tourists and just the general madness of being near the Stock Exchange, Century 21 and of course, Ground Zero.

A few days ago I blogged about the importance of taking the time to look up and this is another such instance. I looked up for just a second and felt mesmerized by this scene. I can't even remember what street I was on because I was walking on Broadway on a mission to get away from the neighborhood to meet my sister. It was so loud with the yelling of street vendors, sirens, cell phone chatter, buses and honking, but, like a seasoned New Yorker I was able to tune it out. There are streets like this, only below 14th Street, and this case, way below, that twist in an unexpected way. The light is so soft when the place itself is so harsh and the lines so jagged and clear. I love that dynamic. That dynamic is New York.

Today's soundtrack is for D and our dinner last night they discovered that they all have a love for Steve Winwood. We're going to see him in concert next month.

Thanks for the inspiration, guys.

Steve Winwood - Back in the High Life

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