Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I love Paris in the winter.

As the song goes.

It was cold and drizzly and grey but it's still the most beautiful and charming and deeply cultural city in the world. I always feel like I am traveling through time when I visit there. I don't want New York, my home sweet home, to get jealous but it's so easy to fall in love with Paris. I've been posting images from past trips but here are a few from this past weekend. It's amazing to me how the city is so wonderfully nostalgic even though it is also so modern and it seems to be constantly evolving.

*Le sigh*

le petit chien et la fille.


This is not the most stylish outfit in the world but that 2008 rabbit fur hat, old reliable 1999 pashmina and God knows when wool coat that has been lonely and unworn in my mother's closet kept me toasty in the Paris winter wind. I'm wearing about 10 layers underneath...my arms look like a line backer's.

What's your favorite city?

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