Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Reflect

Where has the year gone? It seems like it was just yesterday that we were celebrating the holiday with family and here we are again. I find myself thinking about time, how quickly it seems to be going. I have these thoughts of D and me getting older and looking back on this year and the ones before it, the ones to come. I have such a long memory so I know that I'll remember all of these wonderful times that we have together but I find myself, more recently, taking a "time-out" so to speak, to record things in my mind. Having the blog helps but I don't talk about everything here. So, these days, really over the course of the last few months, as I am increasingly aware of the passage of time, I take random moments that I know I never want to forget, and sort of record them.

Usually they are little things, stolen moments, like the mornings we wake up before the alarm and we both know it's early and we can communicate without ever even saying a word. On those mornings it's completely quiet but we can hear the bus stopping to pick up or drop off passengers or the delivery trucks zooming down the avenue. You rarely hear any actual people - you just hear all of their activity before the rest of the city gets up. Or, when we sit in the living room on a Sunday listening to music, drinking coffee and reading the paper. Or, when we have a date night with lots of wine and good food...our date nights, after seven years, usually involve a lot of red wine and delicious, thin crust pizza at our local place. Or, in the summer when we go for walks on Sunday afternoons. Or, when we actually have uninterrupted time in the car. Or, or, or...So many...

I'm reflecting a lot - it happens to me, like I am sure it happens to many people - at birthdays, anniversaries, and, of course, the holidays.

I'm looking forward to this Christmas/Channukah/New Year season. Now it's nearly over and, I'm looking forward to the many, many, many, many more to come. In the meantime, I'm closing my eyes for a little minute so that I can be sure to never forget this one.

It's Christmas Time in the City

A merry and a happy to you!

Check out these tips for taking great holiday photos...

Today's soundtrack from another one of my all-time favorite films...

All I Want For Christmas - Love Actually Style

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amy said...

honey, have a great few days of celebration. much love to you (and i promise you Q&A questions soon, my brain isn't functioning)!

Giulia said...

Merry Christmas from Rome!!! :)

Shannalee said...

Love the pictures (and the reflections)! I completely relate to the experience of wanting to capture moments, of remembering ones before and imagining ones to come. The holidays are good time-markers in that way.

Jozef said...

Feliz Navidad -Merry Christmas- una luz de esperanza en tu camino siempre te acompaƱe... muchas felicidades.

The Lil Bee said...

God, I just adore, ADORE, your photos. We are so alike, you and I. Lately I feel like time is slipping away from me. Like I was just on the piers down at South Street, looking at the boats in summer, feeling exhausted and hot and happy that we had still three more months until Labor Day.

And now a new year is approaching, and just how quickly will spring be upon us, with afternoons in Central Park and happy hours and walks around the city as the tables and chairs start to pour out onto the sidewalks? I want snowfalls and more red wine and nights spent reading books and watching my dogs sleep! It all goes by so freaking fast, that I honestly don't understand how I got here so quickly.

Wasn't I JUST 18? Didn't I JUST meet Paul and go to my prom with him? I could go on and on. It's partly why I think I'm so enamored with taking photos and writing down everything I can in my blog. Helps to slow it down, I think, just a bit.

Let's vow to have vino at the sidewalk cafes at the first sight of spring, k?!