Friday, December 12, 2008

Coming at Vous From the Right Bank


We arrived in Paris safe and sound. For the first time ever in my visits to this amazing city, I am staying on the Right Bank. It's certainly different than the more relaxed feeling of the Left Bank but it is no less beautiful or charming.

I took over a hundred photos today with the mirror of my camera dirty. I kept seeing a spot and I wasn't sure if it was my lens or the body. Finally, after changing my lenses and after much frustration and cleaning of the filter and the body (using the camera's cleaner of course), the spot is finally gone and I'll be able to take photos tomorrow without having to strategically set up my composition based on where I will have to do less photoshopping to remove it - "out damn spot!"

It's freezing here (colder than I remember it at this time of year) but even with the bare trees this city is as rich and beautiful as ever. Plus, it's all dressed up for the holidays so you can imagine the City of Lights lit up even more than it normally is.

Photos to come, mes amis! A tout de suite!


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