Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pick me! Pick me!

Today is a very busy day because I'm working at an open house. Times are tough but in this New York real estate market but I'm hoping that this beautiful house will sell itself.

In the meantime, you might recall that a few days ago I blogged about my participation in a book created by female self-portrait artists. Well, I've just been informed that a second image has been selected for publication. Check them out!

And, to update my post, I've decided to title the first image: Some Days.

Happy Saturday, people!! If you're in NYC, bundle up! It's FREEEEEZING!!!

Today's soundtrack:

Sting - All This Time

The Dawn

the dawn

Some Days
some days.

Finally, on a completely unrelated note, can any of you other bloggers give me some tips on how to use AdSense? Please? Merci!

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