Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Things I'm Thankful For...

So much...silly and serious(!).

Happy Thanksgiving! What are YOU thankful for?

My list is much longer than even this...perhaps I will update later.


The few mornings when D lingers in bed past 7am.

my wonderful husband in general.


Palomita. Emily. Owen.

all the love around me.


Starbucks tall skim lattes.

liking my job.

being a wife to a wonderful husband.

rice and beans.

Barack Obama.


the sound of kids playing in the park next to my building.

New York City.

The Sky is the Limit


Fall Foliage.


ipod playlists.

a hot pot of coffee ready for me every morning.

the elliptical machine (I hate it but I love it).

a husband who handles things that I can't.

my grandparents.

the love of and ability to travel.


accepting my flaws.

she has something to tell you

my eye.

Curious Boy

the daily morning good-bye kiss from D.

strong work ethic.

my relationship with my parents and my sister.

good friends.

my Nikon d300.

US Weekly.



a dishwasher.

Google Reader.

New York Magazine.

W Magazine.


chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Free delivery of pretty much anything in New York.

my terrace.


the Sunday Times.

linguini bolognese.

my blackberry.



the 24 hour Korean deli across the street.

mani/pedi days.


Rosebud Salve.

all lip gloss (I have way too many - my bathroom looks like the make-up department in

Speaking of which...Bloomingdale's!

Pinot Noir and Malbec. In fact, the liquor store across the street is something to be really thankful for!

the fact that I have to (I can't help it) save everything because finding them years later is so awesome.

finding a parking space with no meter.

the ability to laugh at myself.

art...even the kind of don't really "get"...

free laundry pick-up and drop-off.

The Foo Fighters.

Pajama pants that don't ride up.

the feeling I get when I wear a new dress.

getting a yellow cab in the rain.

getting a good deal.


Holiday windows in New York.


Magnum Photos.

the New York City holiday markets.

East Hampton.


Central Park.

The Brooklyn Bridge.

Dinner in Brooklyn

So much more...

Today's soundtrack-Seal - Crazy

Inspired by TheAmberShow

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8 comments: Maegan said...

oh, what a sweet post. the photos are phenomenal too!!!

nadia said...

holly smokes!! i am grateful that you embrace life, that you see beauty and that you are here... we share many things on your list!!!! enjoy your day.

Femme Star said...

Your list was really sweet and your photography is amazing. It's great to see how much you love life! Happy Thanksgiving!

amber said...

You're welcome! You can thank, too; she inspired me. I love the web effect of blogs.

You listed many that resonated with me. Being a wife to a wonderful husband, Barack Obama, and this city are at the top of my list.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful post, punctuated with wonderful photos! I am thankful for having such inspiring friends out there in the bloggy world.

The Lil Bee said...

I love this list! Foo Fighters and Getting a cab in the rain, especially...and I, too, love your eye:)

Shannalee said...

I really enjoy hearing about you and your husband because you guys seem so in love. It's nice to know that's real and out there.

Cheri said...

I am so glad you have been blessed with this wonderful life and more energy than anyone else I know. Happy Summer!