Friday, November 07, 2008


I am so thrilled that it is Friday. We are going out to East Hampton and I cannot begin to explain how much I am looking forward to these two and a half days out of the city. You know I LOVE New York but I need the fresh air and a backyard. I always let out a sigh of relief when I see the skyline as we're about to enter the midtown tunnel on Sunday afternoon but that moment that we drive out of the city on Fridays, and get ready to bear the traffic on the Lawng Ggisland Expressway, I feel like I've just broken out of jail. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery...

I'll check in tomorrow and Sunday, although, admittedly, that will only be because of my obligation to do so for National Blog Posting Month. I'm pooped and need a break from all communication.

Happy weekend!

This is what I'll be looking at....


Instead of this....(which I undoubtedly miss if I'm away for too long!)

Morning View, East Side, NYC

By the way, since I've moved to this apartment almost four years ago, there is a new building in this view of mine...I should take an updated photo...

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