Monday, November 03, 2008

Some People Think the World Revolves Around Them.

My first instinct was to just write "duh!"

Do you know anyone who loves him/herself so much that they cannot even see past it? We all do.

The other day I was riding the R train and I saw this sticker. I took this photo with my blackberry. I wish I could say "only in New York" but that would just not be true. People are narcissists's just that there is a higher concentration here in our fine city.

I had this friend many years ago who thought she was the center of the universe. Most people who knew her and knew me constantly asked me why on earth I was even friends with her. She was not a bad person necessarily but man did she love herself and, well, sometimes she did some bad, I'd even say awful, things. This is why she is no longer in my life.

We knew each other for a long time and I don't even wonder how she is anymore but when I saw this sticker on the subway, I immediately thought of her. Isn't it funny how someone from your past can just sneak into your mind out of nowhere? It's sad to me that I see something negative and a memory of her creeps in. I feel good knowing how far I've come from that time.

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