Thursday, November 20, 2008

Remember Your Wedding Day?

I had such a crazy day today. I was running all over the city taking photos, picking up photos, delivering photos. It's freezing outside and I was down by the
Brooklyn Bridge and then Battery Park City - WIN-DEEEE!

In all my running around I ran in to four random people that I know. First I saw a very close friend of mine at the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall train stop - she works in midtown but she was downtown to file papers at the courthouse. We talked for almost 20 minutes in the brrrr - I'm so excited for our dinner next week with another great friend. Later I saw two very random people from law school - both smiled. Then, walking down block beautiful (one of my favorites in my neighborhood), with my head phones on and in my own world, I saw the groom of the wedding I shot a few weeks ago. Yesterday I received the loveliest thank you note from the couple and tonight I was going to send them a "you are welcome and thank YOU" email. He mentioned that my work has been a huge hit with their friends and family across five continents! yowsa! - obviously I am thrilled.

I've had so many requests for weddings lately. I've really been enjoying shooting these parties. They are stressful, to be sure, (I was a bride once!) - and, as a photographer I recognize that once the day is over and everyone has gone home, a couple has their memories (whatever is left of them after the madness of the actual day and the years) and the images to remind you - the photos matter. As a bride there were moments during my wedding day that I can't remember today - the day flew by and we were so happy and it was so emotional...a lot of it is a blur. I love when couples look at my photos and say "I totally forgot that!" and "I'm so happy you caught that" and "oh, I remember that!" and, of course "I LOVE this one" - all music to my ears.

When I got married my cousin gave me wonderful advice about my wedding day. Well, of all the advice I got (so much...mostly unsolicited), other than "it's all about compromise" (um, it really is!) hers was the best...she said, take the time throughout the day and night to stop and mark the moment in your mind. Even if it's just for a second, take that time for yourself. I did made all the difference... I can remember exactly the moment we first saw each other, the ceremony when everyone was just looking at us, walking down the aisle, those stolen moments after the ceremony before the cocktail hour, the first dance and seeing my parents, the craziness of a Jewish/Latino Hora (it was total chaos - it was actually quite hilarious) many other moments thanks to her advice. But, of course, I have the images to help me if any of the details slip my mind...

If you are married do you remember specific moments of the day or is it a blur of being high on life?

I love love, don't you?

This couple also loves Neil Young so today's soundtrack is for them...

Neil Young - Love in Mind

Here are some more images of this see more see any post filed under "wedding days"...

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