Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nature Wills It

Un lago en el cielo

I need to go out and take photos today. We're out in the country and we're going to head over to the beach in search of some inspiration. It's not difficult to find it there.

I love the beach in winter. I like being alone in a place that is usually overcrowded. There is something so raw about a beach in winter. In the absence of loud music and laughing children and the general chatter of conversation is just the cool wind against your face, the crash of the waves breaking on the shore and the sound of the breeze rustling through the long grass on the dunes. The air is so crisp and the smell of the cold ocean inspires me. I like the spot on the top of a wave where the wind catches the water - the force of the sea combined with the force of the wind is like magic. When it's blowing west and the waves are crashing to the east it looks like a battle of nature's wills.

Sos el paisaje más soñado

Today's soundtrack:

Snow Patrol - Run

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