Sunday, November 02, 2008

Love is in the Air

Last night I shot a 200 person engagement party at Bayard's (if you live in NYC, or if you are visiting soon, you must visit this beautiful space for a meal - the food and the atmosphere were both excellent - incidentally, the happy couple met there!). Even though I was working, I had a wonderful time. I love going to celebrations with good energy and great vibes (who doesn't?) - this was one such event. The magic of last night, that special "feeling", is not something you can make up or plan. If I could bottle that sentiment and sell it, let's just say that I could retire and fulfill my dream of traveling the world to take photographs and write.

I love love. Don't you?

ps--On second thought, I'd prefer to bottle the genuine and honest laugh of this future bride, Lisa. It's one of those sounds that just makes you feel good and makes you smile just to hear it.

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