Saturday, November 08, 2008

Groundhog Day

The weather this weekend is terrible. It has not quite been raining but it's that misty air that makes my hair look like I stuck my finger in a socket - lovely. It's definitely wet outside and the good news is that it makes for beautiful photos. Rather than stay indoors (which actually would have been fine by me - a lazy day is always welcome) we went out for a drive in Southampton. Before going to the beach we went to
Saks and yowsa - two new beautiful dresses and a pair of shoes for me! Yes, the afternoon was a huge success.

But, the best part of the day was driving down Gin Lane to visit one of my favorite places out here. We took our friends down this long, winding road passing beautiful, ocean-front and immense Hamptons homes until we came upon the little, abandoned shack on the bay side of the street. This pile of wood has more character than any other place that I have seen. I don't know what happened to it - why the owners have left it like this, whether it is a guest house or a boat house, whether someone once stayed there. I'm not sure. But, I find myself wondering about this place and dreaming about it...I feel like I am in another time when I visit this little house. When we drive down this road we are suspended in a moment. Every time we go to visit it, I find myself hoping that it will still be there.

Today's soundtrack inspired by our afternoon drive today...

Radiohead - Everything in its Right Place

Same place, different times...


No Trespassing

And some rainy day foliage goodness...

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