Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Going Green in NYC

There is a lot of talk these days about people going green...it's the topic du jour and extremely important. It's a bit easier for us city dwellers to adopt a greener lifestyle than for people who live in the suburbs because for one, on average, we don't really live in spaces larger than 800 square feet (if we're lucky!) to suck up energy from our lights and heat, etc. and we don't have basic civilized things in our apartments like washer/dryers that raise our cost of living and also suck up energy (we make up for this saved expense in other ways since everything is pricier in New York!) Also, I ride the subway or the bus everywhere and there really is no need to have a car in NYC.

Part of our contribution at home has been to change all our light bulbs. They make them so the light is softer now and not that florescent light that it was when they first came out with the energy efficient bulbs. We, like many New Yorkers, do not control our heat so sadly our apartment turns into a tropical island come January and February; but, if we did control it (and pay for it), you can bet that we'd turn it down when we're not home during the day in the winter, the same way that we shut our ACs off in the summer when we're not home (well, sometimes...August heat waves and humidity are brutal!)

I've been thinking a lot about this topic (so has everyone else) and I've been thinking about blogging about it forever. I started noticing all the bikes around the city. Before I would only notice a bike if it was coming at me while I was trying to cross the avenue or in Central Park when the cyclists have that look of determination to go before you do...not fun. I've never been much of a bike person. They scare me a bit in an urban environment. One of my closest friends in college rode her bike all around Boston and she wore a red jacket...we'd be at a bar and people would recognize her as the "girl with the bike"...me, not so much. I can ride a bike near my parents' house or out in the Hamptons...somewhere quiet. But not when I have to contend with a huge bus, the lunatic cab drivers, pedestrians who insist that they have enough time to cross the street when they don't have the light (guilty), delivery guys, etc...there's just too much to be aware of and afraid of. Plus, I always have my camera and riding a bike and taking photos at the same time is hazardous to your health, or at least to mine since I have trouble walking and taking photos at the same time! ;-)

So, as I was saying, I've noticed a lot more bikes around here and I started to take photos of them. All I can say is that the bicycles in New York City are as eclectic and diverse as the people who live here...I'll be sharing some of those photos here...

Do you ride a bike? Or are you a scaredy cat like moi?
Go green...everybody's doin' it!

So cliche but you know...today's soundtrack...
Queen - Bicycle Race

PS--I definitely get strange looks from people who see me taking close-ups of handle bars and pedals...which is funny because New Yorkers are rarely surprised by anything.

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