Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Faster Than a New York Minute

Delivery Guy

You might already know that I'm working on this project where I just put my camera into manual and shoot. The images that are recorded have been a lot of fun and so interesting. It's amazing what I can turn out when I'm not thinking so hard about the perfect composition and perspective. I'm just letting things happen and it's been very exciting. So much thought goes into some of my photographs - mostly self-portraits, still lifes and landscapes since it's not possible to think for too long when shooting street photography (for obvious reasons, from one second to the next an image is completely different).

In my surfing I came across two very interesting and informative articles about motion blur photography. It was linked to by my friends over at Photojojo (loves them). If you haven't signed up for their newsletter yet..you must. Daily photolicious goodness in your inbox everyday? What can be better? Well, perhaps daily photolicious goodness while getting a pedicure and having some chocolate at the same time but hey...I'll take what I can get.

You should definitely check these articles out (warning...I'm not responsible for your time spent navigating through the inspiring images that you will see...) As a lawyer, I feel that I must make that disclaimer... ;-)

I have to keep practicing my panning and low-light photography but for now I'm having fun with this...

Not sure if I prefer it in color or in black and white but I tried both. It was raining in New York City and it was quite dark but you can always rely on New York to be nice and bright at all hours of the day and night.

Delivery Guy

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