Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Extra! Extra! Read all about it?

Before he left for work this morning D gave me his usual lovely kiss and added "YES WE CAN!!" We went to bed very late last night. The excitement was too much to bear. We watched Barack Obama's speech in awe. I cried of course and then I stayed up to watch the folks at CNN do their magic - holograms and all! Do these people sleep? Probably less than our new Mr. President! I think this natural (or unnatural depending on how you look at it) high will last forever...or at least until they get voted for a second term.

This morning I watched some more CNN - same people as last night! - and then I left for work. On my way to the subway I stopped at four different delis and newsstands to buy the New York Times. I have several saved issues - some were D's, some were mine and now they are all ours. Important issues that we've saved over the years as history was being made. Among them, OJ's acquittal when he murdered his wife and her friend (you can see where I stand on that) (D's), the death of JFK, Jr. (mine) and the tragedy of 9/11 (ours). So, I can't get today's issue of the New York Times anywhere! I was able to buy the Post but I need that Times!

At the last place I tried the kid behind the counter told me "no, we're sold out ma'am but you can buy the new US Weekly - it just came out." Huh? There are two things that I find offensive - First of all, ma'am? Really? Really? He didn't say it in that "I'm being polite way" he said it in the "you old beee-otch way" (no, I am NOT exaggerating). I know that in age I'm beyond the "Miss" greeting but "Ma'am"? It's not right. I understand that there's no "in between" but ugh. I might forgive him because he's so young and anyone over 25 is a ma'am to him. Secondly, I'm asking for the NYT and you offer me US Weekly? Hello?! I'm not ashamed to admit that I get that shizz in my mailbox every week and by the way, I pay 99 cents an issue and not four bucks charged at the newsstands, but, he didn't even try to sell me The Economist, Newsweek, Time or The New Yorker - all publications that I read and that were available!

Enough ranting. Seriously, where can I get a New York Times?

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