Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I'm on my way to vote today. I live next door to a polling place so it is very convenient - since we've lived here, I've never had to wait in any line to pull that lever. At this point in the game, I don't think that anyone needs to be reminded about the importance of voting. Unless you have been living in a cloud, you know what your vote today means - especially if you live in one of the "battleground" states.

When I was little my dad would take me into the voting booth and let me pull the lever. I voted for Reagan! I have very vague memories of this but I know that it happened. When I turned 18, my high school economics teacher helped everyone in my class register to vote and the first time I voted was during my freshman year at Boston University for President Bill Clinton by absentee ballot. I remember trying to figure out that huge poster paper and wondering why on earth they couldn't make it easier.

I consider myself a moderate - I can see both sides of some issues - but I am a registered Democrat and voted against President Bush in the last two elections. I say "voted against" one guy rather than "voted for" another guy because for the last two elections I voted for Al Gore and John Kerry respectively solely because I didn't think there was any other real alternative. In 2000 Tia Yamel was visiting us from Cuba and she and I stayed up all night watching the Florida fiasco. I couldn't believe it when the next morning I woke up and the results were still not in - what a mess. We should have known then that the next four years would be a complete shitstorm and little did we know that the next four after that would be even worse. I feel so differently today but I'm not going to get into the ideological reasons why one candidate is better than the other and I'm certainly not going to talk politics - I'll leave that to the experts.

I'm just saying that today we have the chance to make history. Today we have the chance to bring about a change that is so desperately needed. Today we have a chance to repair some of the damage that has been caused to the U.S. reputation abroad and to repair the trust of Americans at home. As with any politician and any election, we hope that promises will be fulfilled, and in this case, that real change will come. I believe strongly in this candidate and I am voting for him, not just against the other guy.

Barack the VOTE

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