Saturday, November 01, 2008

babies get up early

Last weekend in Montreal Palomita slept in the bed with my sister and me. Her daddy and uncle didn't arrive until one day after we did so I got to co-sleep with my niecey for one night. Admittedly, I was petrified that I would roll over and mush her. My sister assured me that I would not. I barely slept but what a joy to wake up next to a five month old laughing and "talking" and pulling not-so-gently at my hair. We went next door to my parents room and I had coffee in bed while my mom fed the baby. My sister looked on and my dad took the photo. I'm half asleep and look it but I still love it.

Palomita always has to be making contact with everyone around her. Here her grandma is feeding her but she's looking lovingly at her mama and holding on tight to her Tia's finger. I LOVE her!

the Lima girls

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