Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I've been revisiting some of the images from my trip to Cambodia in January. I love going back to my archives. Sometimes it is as though I am seeing an image for the first time even though I've stared at it on my camera screen, computer screen and as a file in Photoshop a dozen times. For one reason or another I overlooked this photo and now I cannot understand why.

This was the first child we spoke with on this trip. She was was watching over a cage filled with alligators when we arrived in her village on the Tonle Sap River in Siem Reap. She wanted D to go over to the cage and poke the animals with a stick. She encouraged me not to be frightened by them. She smiled a lot so I find it ironic that she is so serious in this photo. She seems to be reluctantly waving to me as I take the photo from my boat. She called me "Miss" and she called D "Mister."

Do you find yourself going back to photos from your trips? I do it all the time. Sometimes the photos, like this one, take me right back to the place and time. I can hear the other kids laughing right now.

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