Wednesday, October 15, 2008

top of the world, baby! top top of the woooorld!*

From October 17 to October 26th a small collection of my urban landscapes will be featured at the Kunst 10 daagse art fair in Bergen, The Netherlands.

Next week I'll be going up to Canada to exhibit at Expo Art Montreal...but, first things first, I'm really excited about Kunst 10 daagse (even though I am not traveling there with my work)! Today (like many days), I'll be dreaming about winning the lotto so that I can spend my time traveling, taking photos and exhibiting at art fairs around the world without the need for day job...

Here's a preview of what you would see if you happened to be in Holland...

Lego Land

Urban Escapes

In New York Freedom Looks Like...Too Many Choices

the past with the present

Lost in Translation

Touch the Sky - Kanye West

*This guy is totally arrogant and over the top but I love him. I can't really relate to him except that he has busted him ass working like a dog to get to where he is. I'm no where near that fame (duh...not to mention that I'm actually humble) but he's still awesome. When I'm torturing myself at the gym on that awful elliptical machine counting the seconds (one more song, one more half-mile) I listen to this and it gets me revved up...or, at least, it helps me tolerate exercising.

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