Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Subway Dancing

I love making mixes for my Ipod. I'm reminded that they're called "playlists" now but back in the day there was nothing better than a mix tape. When I was at my parents' cleaning my old room I found a huge box full of tapes made for me by friends. One tape was from 1989 and it included, to name a few "The Time of My Life" from DirtyDancing (love) and "Under the Milky Way" - this was a tape that I made for myself and even back then I loved to roll mix random tunes into one messy tape. The mixes made sense only to me. Another tape, this one from college in 1997, included some Euro club music (I went through a serious phase), Jamiroquai and
Biggie Smalls. Yeah, it's random but I love all of it.

I can't sit on the subway without my Ipod. I mean, I can but I just don't want to.
Today I took the R train uptown and I was listening to the "Random Rooftop Goodness" playlist. Oh, yeah, I like to give my Playlists fun names. The Random Rooftop Goodness mix was worn out this summer sitting on our roof, riding the subway, on the godforsaken elliptical machine, walking to the supermarket, taking the train to work, cooking dinner...I played it all the time. Thankfully the mix has over 200 songs so I'm never bored with it and true to form, it is indeed random. If you sit on the R train and close your eyes you could easily mistaken public transportation in Manhattan to a ride at Six Flags. My whole body sways on that train. This morning I got really into the mix so with the help of the R train, I was able to do a little dance in my seat and no one ever knew. Although let's be honest, a gal like me dancing on the subway will never be the strangest or funniest (okay, it would be pretty hilarious) thing you see in this city. I'll leave it to these gals. Holla!

Here's what I was listening to today and here's what I saw a few Sundays ago on the R train into Brooklyn. I only had my nifty fifty so I was a bit closer than I wanted to be but I loved the scene. They were reading en francais and they were having the best time...I wish I could find them to give them a copy of these. Their shoes are too much.

And, here's a photo of the Chambers Street station where I was no where near today.

I love New York.

The Roots - Criminal

Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse - Valerie

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