Monday, October 27, 2008


I have always been a fan of Filene's Basement. Always. My mother and I have made it a sport to brag about what we save when we shop at "Fi-lee" (as we lovingly refer to it) and what we get when we go to Bloomingdale's and Saks with our 500 coupons that we get thanks to being card members. I couldn't have been happier when I went to buy workout clothes at Fi-lee the other day and I found myself in a delicious sea of Prada, See by Chloe, Missoni, D&G, and YSL...not to mention other less pricey favorites like Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenberg, Theory and MaxMara. And, why would I buy my favorite jeans like Seven and Chip and Pepper at Bloomingdale's when I can get them at Fi-lee or Marshall's or online at BlueFly (except I can't ever visit Bluefly without also visiting ShopBop? There is no shame in my game. I love beautiful clothes and shoes and if I can get them for less, then why not? And, let's hear it for Old Navy's t-shirts...I buy ten at the beginning of every summer because they only last one season anyway so why buy Petit Bateaus when I can get the same thing (okay, the quality of the cotton cannot be compared but whatever) and not feel guilty about ruining it after one wear? D thinks that they might be hiding Jimmy Hoffa in my closet. I have shoes in boxes that I have completely forgotten about and clothes with tags from two years ago. When I find these things it's like Christmas morning...except on Christmas morning there is no guilt involved...buying something and letting it sit in its original box or garment bag and finding that you never used them is a recipe for disaster if you have constant self-inflicted guilt like I do.

So, when I read this article in yesterday's Style Section, I knew I had just been introduced to a kindred spirit. Recessionista is my new least my new virtual BFF. I have always been a Recessionista...but...I never knew it! Even when I made six figures as a lawyer I loved that rush of buying something for less. God love long lunches with my partner in crime (you know who you are) at sample sales across town in some shady building on 7th Avenue undressing in front of a hundred women in a huge fitting room fighting over the few full-length mirrors. Plus, that meant that I could spend more on a beautiful bag and great perfume!

I've put a moratorium on shopping over the last few months. It's the guilt again and nowadays things just aren't what they once were. I'm not bragging that much anymore about my shopping discount finds because I'm simply not shopping. Okay, okay, except I went to BCBG on Fifth Avenue the other day and bought a sweet new sweater dress to wear to the exhibit in Canada. There...I admitted it. And, I didn't even have time to shop in Canada so in that case, there's nothing to feel guilty about (today)!

So, check this article out and read this fun blog. Also, for other general fashion goodness, you must see The Sartorialist. Part of being fashionable is making up your own style - whether you wear the hottest label or make an outfit yourself, buy it online or buy it on Ebay or at the Salvation Army, if you wear it with confidence, it looks fabulous.

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