Saturday, October 04, 2008

Out of Focus

I am a major procrastinator. I am so easily distracted. The other day I scanned over 50 images of my trip to Cuba in February 2001. So far I have processed the three that I blogged about last night. Not good, but not surprising. We took a trip to Southeast Asia in January and of the more than 1000 images that I took, I would say I processed about 250 of them and I think I posted about 130 of them on Flickr and here. I will not even go into all of the images that I have of New York since I take my camera every where I go...

So, it comes as no surprise that I took over 15 rolls of film in Cuba but only scanned 50 of the total images. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed but it's nice to see that that part of me hasn't changed...excess. Of all things that I say I tend to do too much of (no matter how much I love it and enjoy it), the top five are: shopping, eating, procrastinating using too much product in my crazy hair and taking photos. In my defense the last two are good for my mental health. And, taking photos is a necessity at this point.

Another thing I am adding to my list of excesses is blogging. I now have a new obsession (other than my niece and photography and shoes) and it has brought me here. This is another excess that is "good for me" and to make it even better, I've decided that on some days I might make multiple posts. I have thought about doing this in the past since it is a habit followed by many bloggers I know but because I procrastinate, I leave it all to the end of the day and rather than post 4 or 5 entries throughout the day, I end up putting them all into one. Case in point, my blog
post last night...I waited all day to tell you about the article from Magical Places, my rainy taxi bokeh shots, my trip to Cuba and the photos of Palomita. So, they ended up in one big, jumbled post. Just like I made a promise to myself to post five times a week (which I'm happy to say that I've kept), I'm making a promise to make individual posts. It sounds simple but for someone like me, it's a tall glass of water. I should mention that I'm working on being more organized in clearly trickles down into blogging, too.

To illustrate my point, I sat down at my computer to write this post and two hours later, I is a list of all the things that I did before I actually started typing (which only took about 20 minutes):

1. Turned on computer and realized I left the power cord in my purse

2. Went to the living room to fetch my purse and decided that I wanted a cup of tea

3. D offered to make a cup of tea

4. Spoke to D about my favorite tea

5. Googled said tea

6. Went to Flickr to check on comments

7. Checked Flickr mail and saw that a Facebook friend added me as a contact

8. Went to Facebook and replied to emails

9. Went to gmail and replied to emails

10. Looked up tracking on Google Analytics after my friend suggested I add it to this blog

11. Became frustrated because I didn't understand it right away so started to read other blogs

12. Decided to add blogs that I follow to my profile on this blog

13. Read a few blogs and made comments

14. Followed a link from one of the blogs to Magnum blog

15. Read a few posts and studied photos on Magnum blog

16. Got up to go to the bathroom and decided to do a load of laundry

17. Sat back down at my desk and my tea was cold so I returned to the kitchen to microwave it

18. Saw an email from so decided to look around there for a bit even though I've put a moratorium on the shopping (there are some amazing python shoes for sale right now and I apparently need another pair to add to the fabulous red pair that I picked up in Buenos Aires when I was there in July for the art show)

19. Got a little depressed so went over to the The Sartorialist for inspiration

20. Went to the NYT to read the paper and catch up on the bailout plan and to read the Style Section

21. Got depressed and went over to (love them) and Gawker for some general reading pleasure

22. Posted an article from Jezebel to my Facebook page

23. Spent another 30 minutes around Facebook and I can't even remember what I saw there

24. Decided that enough was enough and that I would start today's post once and for all.

25. Thought for 30 minutes about all the time I wasted and made this dumb list.

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