Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ohhh, Canadahhh!

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Quebec to participate in ExpoArt Montreal. It has been over ten years since I've been up there. I'm a bit overwhelmed with things to do today. I have to pack, go to the framers to pick up my pieces, go to the bank, pick up the dry cleaning and clean my apartment. Oh, and I have an appointment for a cut and color at the salon (I haven't colored my hair since April and it's starting to have that brassy look that brunettes get - ick) and a mani (my hands are a disaster) AND I have an appointment to show a house at 6:00. Hello?! Am I insane? Maybe I shouldn't answer that...although it's pretty clear that I am. I always do everything at the last minute.

I am so excited about this exhibit. I love traveling (who doesn't?) and I especially love it when I'm going somewhere to exhibit my work. I have such wonderful memories of Montreal - in fact, I have fond memories of all of the places that I've been to in Canada and Canadians are wonderful people - so I'm thrilled to go up there again with my family to walk this art fair and to visit this beautiful city again. Also, I'm looking forward to unpacking my winter clothes from underneath my bed (yes, another thing that I have to do today) and don them in some cold weather! Fall is finally upon us in New York City and I am no longer going to be able to get away with wearing just my two or three favorite sweaters layered over a cute tank top with a smart scarf. It's time to bust out the warmer clothing, take them out from hibernation in my storage containers and bring them back to life on the streets of Montreal! Perhaps (or, more likely than not) I will do my part to stimulate the global economy by spending some cash-ola in the lovely Montreal shops.

So, if you happen to be in Montreal this weekend and you are in the mood to see beautiful art at an international art fair, oh, and, if you feel like meeting moi, then please come to ExpoArt Montreal! It will be fabulous.

Because I love you, here's a sneak preview to what what you would see on my wall if you went. I've put together two very small and very different collections. One is clearly street photography from southeast Asia and the other two are more conceptual street photography pieces.

A tout de suite, mes amis!

Life on a River

When East Meets West

Lost in Thought

The Worshipers


Hot Purple Lips


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