Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween and the City

In Manhattan, instead of ringing doorbells, kids go into pizzerias, restaurants, delis and even gyms, to trick or treat. In many buildings across the city there is a list of apartments that hand out candy so kids will only ring the bells of those neighbors who are participating in the holiday - there is only one child who lives in our building and she's only nine months old. I'm glad not to buy any candy because if I did I'd spend a week stuffing myself with it!

We went out for dinner in the East Village tonight at Buenos Aires - a fantastic restaurant. We sat next to a lovely family - mom, dad and daughter. She was still wearing her costume...her sequined and polyester dress was worn over a pair of comfy sweatpants and her make-up was almost gone. She was five years old and D complimented her outfit. He told her the Empire State Building was orange tonight for Halloween. Her face lit up and her dad said that they'd go to the roof when they got home to see it. D explained that it changes color for the different holidays. She was really into it. Her face lit up! I asked "are you a mermaid?" - she said, "yes, I'm a mermaid and an owl and a zombie...all at the same time" So creative! She was the sweetest thing. Her mermaid tail was dragging behind her and her face was all white like a zombie and she showed me her headband with feathers all over it. As they were leaving she said that we didn't need to order dessert because it's Halloween. She offered me a KitKat and D got a fortune cookie - only in New York. I'm having my KitKat for breakfast!

These are all straight from the camera.

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