Friday, October 10, 2008

Indian Summer in the City

New Yorkers complain a lot...quel surpris! And, we are extremely quirky. This is more true than ever when it comes to New York weather. When it's twenty below, we bundle up in our all our gear and complain that it's too cold. By the time spring gets here we're like wilted flowers desperate for a ray of sunlight to warm our stems. When summer comes, we're hot and grumpy (actually, many of us are grumpy most of the time) and we (at least I) complain about our frizzy hair and sweaty clothes that are sticking to our skin on the subway platforms. When fall finally arrives we barely have time to enjoy the beautiful weather because we get confused wondering where the summer went.

So, today is one of those rare (although not that rare anymore thanks to global warming) October days where we get all confused and think it's summer again! It is 75 degrees and completely delightful today! Most of us are working but I'm keeping my fingers and legs crossed that the weekend will be just as awesome. Here are my top 11 tips of things to do on a beautiful Friday (when you're playing hooky) or Saturday or any day like today when it's not too hot and not too's juuust right. True to form, most of these suggestions involve eating and shopping...two of my favorite pastimes.

1. Union Square green market (open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays)

2. Sit in Madison Square Park and get there early enough to get on line at the
Shake Shack...delish and worth the wait for the heavenly burgers!

3. Walk up Fifth Avenue or Madison Avenue and make your way to the shoe floor (heaven on earth) for some drooling at Saks and have the lobster salad at the restaurant on the same floor (oh. so. good.)

4. Take a walk around the Central Park zoo.

5. Have drinks on the roof at the Met (the roof has a beautiful view of the city and lots of photo ops).

4. Ride the water taxi to any of the various stops just to enjoy the breeze (soon it will be a fierce winter wind!)

5. Rent a bike and take a ride up the west side highway (I think it's much nicer than the FDR ride even though you have to look at New Jersey the entire time).

6. Take a trip up to the Cloisters (I'm ashamed to admit I've never been there).

7. Sit at Bethesda Fountain with a good book or US Weekly.

8. Have a cocktail on the roof of the
Gansevoort Hotel.

9. Take a walk around all the galleries in Chelsea.

10. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to have pizza at Grimaldi's in DUMBO. You won't feel guilty about all that pepperoni after the trek across the bridge. Plus you can work it off some more and walk over to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and take a break with a GORGE view of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

11. Get an ice cream (the cupcakes at Buttercup Bake Shop are better IMHO) at Magnolia Bakery (although, to be fair, they don't always have it so I'd opt for a cookie too) and take a walk around the West Village.

Happy Friday!

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