Saturday, October 11, 2008

Indian Summer in the Country

The weather in New York has been GORGE for the last 4 days. I'm hoping it will last, but since it likely will not, I'm enjoying it to the fullest while I still can.

I love coming out to the Hamptons in the fall. Fall is the new summer! The weather out here is lovely in September and October and there are two-thirds less people than there are in July and August. It's just too crowded, too hot, too expensive, too too everything in the summer. I love it out here but I don't have that much love for the summer months when it takes forty minutes to get from the house to town (it's less than two miles away), you can't everget a reservation at any restaurant, Citarella looks like Penn Station during rush hour and the line at Starbucks is out the door and around the corner. Not to mention that I can't even get a copy of the New York Times because they are sold out everywhere and we can't park our car at the beach because we don't have a parking sticker. Actually, you can't get a parking spot anywhere so forget it.

But, even though I'm complaining a bit, I am a positive gal and I do love it out here in general...I'm just not a fan of crowds and traffic. Here's what I love about weekends on the east end overall...winter, spring, summer and fall, but especially, the fall. Again, because this is me, you'll notice that most of the items on this lost include shopping and personal Top 11...but, let's not leave out the horseback riding and tennis and hiking that you can do out here...if you feel like being active and not eating and shopping your way through the weekend like me...

1. Apple picking at the The Milk Pail (the best place ever!)

2. Going to the beach and dipping your feet in the Atlantic Ocean when it's still warm from all that summer sun. Any beach out here is fabulous but we especially love East Hampton town beach, any beach in Amagansett, Main Beach at East Hampton (but more in the winter because is the fall it's still a little crowded) and the beaches at Bridgehampton. Today we went to Bridgehampton...heaven.

3. Going for dinner at any of the delish restaurants out here that are open year round, including three of my favorites - Saracen (best), The Laundry (better) and Della Femina (bestest). Tonight it's dinner at The Laundry. hooray!

4. Taking a drive down Montauk Highway for the hell of it without bumper to bumper traffic and stopping for a meal at Lunch (order the ridiculously delicious lobster roll).

5. Going to the Wolffer Estate Vineyard for wine tasting. Honestly, I'm no expert (I just know what I like) but in my view the wine is just okay (the last time we went it was thoroughly mediocre but most people seem to really like it). Howevs, the atmosphere is wonderful and they have a great cheese plate to go with the meh wine.

6. Taking a drive down Beach Drive in Southampton.

7. Taking a walk down Main Street in Sag Harbor and going into any of the cool antique shops. In general, there are a lot of cool shops out here.

8. Sitting outside in the evening with a glass of wine or a scotch or whatever floats your boat and staring up into the blackness and what seems like thousands of twinkling stars. Living in the city I sometimes forget how dark it gets at night (duh) and how many stars there are up there...

9. Going out to the Montauk Point Lighthouse.

10. Having a drink by the beach at Gurney's in Montauk.

11. Stopping at the farm stands to pick up fresh produce for dinner. If you're making dinner at home it's great to stop on the way out and if you want to stock up for the week back home, it's great to stop on the way back. Our favorite is on Montauk Highway in Bridgehampton just after you pass the Bridgehampton Commons (if you're going west) on the south side of the highway.

I took over 100 photos at the beach today. We're leaving for dinner in 15 minutes so I processed only a few and here they are. More to come!

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