Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the death of a friend...

...will always break your heart. As with any death, you learn to accept it, but you never, ever forget it. Today is the five year anniversary of the death of my friend, Ozzy. He had a brain tumor and he died when he was 26 years old. It's not fair.

I think about him all the time. Recently I was at my parents' house cleaning out my bedroom and I was looking through one of my old case books from law school. I found a post-it note inside the front cover and it said - "I'm proud of you." I recognized his handwriting right away. I miss him.

This photo was taken at a friend's wedding the summer before he died. I have it in a frame on my desk where I can see it every day. He would probably make fun of me for that.

Fearless - Pink Floyd

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