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DISCLAIMER: If you're not a fan of Sex and the City, the series, you probably shouldn't bother reading this. It won't make any sense to you and you'll just think I'm nuts. I mean, I am a little nuts, and not just because I'm obsessed with this show, but seriously, don't waste your time. :)


I can't believe I haven't blogged about Sex and the City yet. What's wrong with me? I love that show. I've watched every episode probably five times and I even watch the episodes on TBS so that I can call out the parts that they leave out (which I think is so absurd). D says that for a period of time he would have nightmares where I made him sit down and watch episodes of the series back to back non-stop. I went through a
phase in law school, when the DVDs came out, where that's all I did after class.

I was going to blog about the movie after I first saw it but after I finished writing the post I realized that it was just an awful rant and so I decided not to publish it. I was going to title the post "Hates it! Good bead work though." If you know and love the series you know who uttered those words, where and why. (Sidebar, incidentally, it was one of my favorite characters in the show.)

I really did not like the movie at all. I know that most fans loved it, but, ugh...I did not. I loved the series because it was about strong, funny, sexual, flawed, neurotic New York women. They weren't perfect but they were good people who were living their lives in the best city in the world. I'm not one of those people (even though I did take the facebook quiz and apparently I'm a Miranda) who says she is squarely a "Carrie" "Miranda" "Charlotte" or "Samantha". I think that all of us girls has a bit of each of them in us and that's precisely what makes them so appealing...that we can be whoever we want to be without having to feel like we constantly have to stay within the lines with our crayons.

Of course, there was a lot about the series that I did not like. I mean, come on, no self-respecting New York woman would go to a casual Sunday brunch in Manolos. Let's keep it real - on Sunday mornings my poor feet are bleeding from tooling around town in my stilettos on Saturday night so there is no way that I'll be enjoying my combination of latte (with whole milk when hungover), mimosa and icey New York tap water in anything but a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and my converse. And, for that matter, which New York woman, other than Anna Wintour, Nina Garcia and Sarah Jessica Parker even owns that many pairs of Manolos?! Not Carrie. If she owned that many pairs her apartment would be robbed and she would have to be roommates with one of the other girls because there is no way that she would be able to pay rent for that upper east side apartment - stabilized, controlled or whatever.

In the show, fashion and the girls' knack for it, was, like New York City, another character - the proverbial fifth and sixth ladies of series. We knew these woman had fabulous clothes but the dialougue didn't throw it in my face every other line. In the film, the montage with the wedding dresses was particularly annoying. Isn't it enough to know that she is doing a photo shoot for Vogue so the clothes and wedding dresses are going to be divine? Why do we have to hear that one dress was Oscar, the other Carolina Herrera, the other Vivienne Tam, etc. etc. etc.? I love Sex and the City, I love SJP, I love Vogue. I didn't need 500 pages of advertisements - I get that in Vogue already (and believe me, I love those ads because the clothes are gorgeois and the photos are works of fashion art). I was irritated.

In that respect, the whole "searching for labels and love" thing, really peeved me. The show itself was much more about love but without saying it expressly (until the very end when Carrie tells Alek at the Plaza Athenee that she is "someone who is looking for love"). If you followed the show you know these girls had a lot of sex and they owned it and loved it, but they were all (even Samantha) looking for "love". I can remember episodes where the names of houses came up - like when Carrie made Aidan swear on Chanel ("the oath of fabric"), when Charlotte goes to Vera Wang for her dress, When Samantha wants a Birkin, the Christian Loubs that Carrie gets for her "Big date", the Christian Dior purse that gets ruined when Carrie tries to avoid kissing Big and they both end up falling into the pond at the Boathouse, the Chanel flower and of course, the Fendi Baguettes - but that was six seasons of fashion deliciousness, not two hours of movie meh. It made the women seem shallow. Overall I feel like the film was trite and contrived. Sorry. I do. Actually, no, I'm not sorry. That's exactly what it was. In fact, don't even get me started on Big not marrying Carrie. Yes, she became wedding obsessed but he must be a sociopath to go from being together in the time since the show where we're told that they are happy and in love and then he suddenly freaks out because she doesn't turn around or because maybe Miranda said something to him at Buddakan? He's fifty years old - grow a pair and marry the woman who you claim to love who is waiting for you in a wedding dress!

So, basically I'm ranting again about the show versus the movie but this time I'll publish it. There was one episode that I loved - mostly just the very end of it (the last episode of season 2). I've copied the text of the scene below. There are so many ways that I am just like Carrie (neurotic, much?) and so many ways that I am not (I'd like to think that I am not as selfish as she is not to mention that whole "affair thing" - um, no). But in this respect, in the episode where they are talking about "The Way We Were" and Carrie proclaims that she is a Katie girl. I'm SO a Katie girl. I admit that when I first saw this episode I rushed to Blockbuster to rent the movie (that was before Netflix) and there was a waiting list! When I finally saw it I became a self-proclaimed Katie girl! And, a self-proclaimed "kind of like Carrie sometimes" girl. The irony here is that I got the idea to blog/rant about this when I found these self-portraits from last year when I had my haircut and decided to blow it straight. It's not me to wear my hair straight. D doesn't even like it. In fact, I would say he strongly dislikes it and he merely tolerates it. But, you know, sometimes a girl needs a little change and I would look like a Chia Pet if I chopped it off so straightening it once in a while is about all I can do. So here is K-k-k-Katie with str-str-str-straight hair.

They're talking about Big because he's having his engagement party up the block at the Plaza.

Carrie: What are you, an alien? How could you have not seen it the way we were?

Samantha: Chick film.
Miranda: Robert Redford is madly in love with Barbara Streisand.

Carrie: -K-k-k-katie.

Miranda: K-k-k-katie, right!
But he can't be with her because she's too complicated...and she has wild, curly hair.

Carrie: Hello? C-c-c-curly.

Miranda: He leaves her and marries this...simple girl with straight hair.
Carrie: Ladies, I am having an epiphany.
The world is made of two types of women:
The ”simple” girls and the ”Katie” girls.
I'm a ”Katie” girl and where are our drinks?

The Soundtrack to the movie is wonderful. I highly recommend picking it up. Here's my favorite song.

Bliss - Kissing

PS--Apologies for being lazy on the links - too much to link to and I still have a million things to do today.


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