Monday, October 27, 2008

Betty La Fea aka America the Beautiful

Earlier today I was crossing 3rd Avenue at 21st Street, sweating in my heavy coat because I misjudged the weather and reading email on my blackberry. When I got to the northwest corner of the street, who did I come face to face with but Ugly Betty herself, America Ferrera. I love that girl - I loved her in "Real Women Have Curves" (hello?! yes we do!) and I loved her speech about empowering girls and being true to themselves when she won the Golden Globe and the SAG for Ugly Betty a few years ago. I looked up and there she was. I'm never really starstruck but she's so great and a wonderful example for all women, especially Latinas; and, this morning I watched Ugly Betty on my dvr since I was already in Canada when it aired last Thursday night, so, I had Betty on my mind.

I'm always doing a hundred things at once...if only I had put my blackberry down for one minute, I would have seen her sooner (I also would have less of a chance of getting run over by a cab on Third Avenue) and I could have taken my camera out in time to take her photo. She has the sweetest smile. I smiled back at her and said "good luck" - I have no idea why I said that. She doesn't need my luck wishing. But, oh well. A simple "hi" would have sufficed. In any event, I walked past the crew and pulled out my camera (since I always carry it) but the director yelled "action!" and she was in character haphazardly running around the corner as Betty. All I was able to get was a photo of a paparazzi stalking her. I waited for about 10 minutes to see if she would come back and do another take but she didn't. So, I continued on my way to the R train.

Perhaps I will run in to her in Jackson Heights, where I work and where Ugly Betty's family lives and where I've heard they've been taping a lot lately (although I haven't seen myself).

Hasta pronto, Betty! Sera la proxima vez.

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