Thursday, October 16, 2008

20 questions: the middle of the night version

After the debate last night I watched some analysis and then went straight to the dvr to watch the season finale of Project Runway. D went to bed and I stayed up until way past my bedtime to see which one of the women would win. I loved all of them for different reasons (Leanne mostly!!) and while I loved Leanne going in, I have to say that my favorite last night was Korto and I was convinced that she would win after her inspired collection came down the runway. I loved how she combined her rich culture with beautiful fabrics and fashion forward and innovative clothing that was lovely and simple at the same time. No easy task. Let's face it, I'm not a fashion editor or expert, I just know what I like and I read every fashion magazine and blog there is! I even read Women's Wear Daily at the gym since they always seem to have it in the pile of newspapers and it makes those machines less like torture devices.

Anyway, congratulations, Leanne! I dragged myself into bed because I was so exhausted and of course I couldn't fall asleep. D was awake too. He heard Project Runway in the living room. We stayed up for another hour. He pointed out the shadows of the blinds on the ceiling. I told him that I've blogged about that before. He laughed - of course. What? I can never fall asleep quickly and I notice those things. He has the gift of hitting the pillow and being in REM two seconds later - not all of us are so lucky. Then he started with the qu? Really? I guess he wouldn't know since I have so many random things hanging in my closet. When I was little - red. Everything I wore had to be, I love deep jewel-tone colors like purple and dark blue. The last questions I remember was: what was your first camera. Aah...this he would never know just because he's my husband and he knows these was a purple Le Clic camera with pink writing on it. I loved that thing. I got it for Christmas when I was around 8 years old and I specifically remember that four years later I still had it. I was twelve and I was going to junior high and my elementary school had a graduation for us and I had that camera with me. I probably still have it somewhere...I probably still have the photos that I took with it. I should go looking for it in my old closet in my old room.

That was the last question that I remember. I fell asleep a short while after that. My husband is a genius.

Sounds that help me sleep from my Brookstone sound machine.

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