Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Point and Click

There's too much to read out there. I honestly just can't get to it all. If I read everything I wanted to read, I would be sitting in front of my computer all day long just pointing and clicking my way through life. What kind of life is that? I have very important things to do - like trying to find a way to organize my photographs in a cohesive way (I'm having some trouble with this but I think I'm going to start here.

Here is a sampling of what I read today. All of these are related to photography and I can't even begin to list the other articles and blogs that I've read today - everything from New York Magazine to the New York Times to David Alan Harvey to CNN to the Atlantic to a new random website, Hats of Meat, that I actually clicked on because I saw a link on Facebook and I couldn't help but be intrigued. Plus, it's a bit depressing to repeatedly read all the news on the current economic crisis.

Incidentally, I typically share all of the photography articles on the page for the
Monica L. Shulman Photography group on Facebook. Other items that I read and find interesting are usually posted on my Facebook page.

I read this article on Slate about the controversial photographer, Jill Greenberg. The article was reprinted from its original publication in 2006. Ms. Greenberg, a photographer who is a fierce anti-Republican, made headlines last week when the Atlantic made a public apology to John McCain because of some unflattering photos that she took of the Republican nominee. The 2006 article was about Ms. Greenberg's well-known collection of images of crying children. The controversy arose because Ms. Greenberg apparently made her subjects, children, cry by giving them candy and taking it away and by using other tactics (no, she did not beat them or otherwise hit them or scare them, obviously). The parents of the children who were photographed were present at the time the portraits were taken and one of the children is Greenberg's own daughter. I remember reading about this in a photography magazine back in 2006.
Thomas Hawk, another favorite blogger of mine, reacted to her project, so did Photoshelter.

Whatever happend to that Flickr Getty Photo Licensing Deal?

Thomas Hawk is wondering and so am I? Just today I was thinking about that because I was online clicking around and reading about licensing my own work. Hmmmm. Check out Thomas Hawk's blog to learn more. The deal seems to be going through, although on a different time table than we were originally led to believe.

Here's an article in New York Magazine about a new exhibit at a Chelsea gallery that includes photos of feces. Yes, actual

I really like reading Magical Places.

Recently I read an article there about the influx of photography sites geared towards beginners and enthusiasts. In today’s wired world there’s a ton of information online, plus inspiration in the form of photography websites, photoblogs, Flickr and photo.net (to name just a few). It really is a great time to be learning about photography. This, along with cheap and powerful digital cameras and computers, is one of the reasons for the recent explosion of interest in our hobby and profession.The top four favorites listed there are:

Epic Edits.

Neil Creek.

Dan Heller (this is one of my personal favorites).

Digital Photography School

Here is a great post about four extraordinary South American photographers.

I love reading the Flickr blog and today I read about this great new photo project that the company is sponsoring in London. The people at Photomonth are giving Flickr members the opportunity to have their photos digitally displayed at the Photomonth Photo-Open exhibition at the Dray Walk Gallery between 29th October – 9th November 2008. The theme ‘Freedom’ has been chosen for the group, as it’s the first year that global submissions are invited to be displayed at Photomonth. ‘Freedom’ means many different things to different people and I checked out the group and the photos that have been added so far illustrates this point perfectly.

Finally, actually, not finally since I read a lot more today and just can't possibly share it all here, I love the Shutter Sisters.

Now, the real "finally" for the day is that this weekend was the baptism of the princess Paloma Aurora. What a joy to be her Godmother. When she was born my father made a CD of all songs that feature the name Paloma and Aurora. Here is my favorite song he chose and also, as a matter of fact, one of my favorite songs ever. When I would listen to this it always took me back to old places and now it takes me to new ones. I love that.

L'Aurora - Eros Ramazzotti

This photo is not from her Baptism, in fact it's a few weeks old, but I love it. To see photos from the Baptism, taken by my dad and not by me because I stupidly forgot to bring my camera (oy), click here.

ps--My new header is from a photo outing with one of the my favorite people who I've met by blogging...find her over at Montague. And, here's another...

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