Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Summer Hangover

I definitely did not write as much as I thought I would write while I've been away. Even on the days when it rained the humidity made us so lazy that we had to drag ourselves to the movies for an activity and to stay cool (we went to see The Dark Night by the way and it was incredible not just because of the mesmerizing performances of all the actors - especially Heath Ledger - but from a cinematograpohy standpoint, there was a lot of shallow depth of field and the colors were so rich and the details of the shots beautifully nuanced). If not for my blackberry I probably would not have even checked my email because for once, and this rarely happens, I did not feel like sitting in front of a computer to look at any of my usual sites and blogs.

Tomorrow we're leaving Miami to return to New York. Like I said, the weather was terrible during the first few days that we were here and thankfully it got better toward the end of our trip. I'm ready to get back to my apartment and my New York block, and, even the loud construction across the street and the subway. But, it will only be for one night since we're continuing our vacation on Long Island.

Every year after Labor Day I feel this summer hangover and I've found that the best remedy is to take the week after Labor Day as a vacation week. No one is ever ready to return to work after any three day weekend and the Tuesday after Labor Day is particularly difficult because of that "official end of summer" depression that kicks in. I personally think that September is lovely - not too hot like August, not too chilly like April or October. But, alas, summer is officially over and many of us are desperate to hang on to it.

I've taken some photos, although not as many as I thought I would take, and I'll be posting those soon. In the meantime, I leave you with this image of New York - my hometown where I'm happily returning tomorrow even if it is just for one short night before the next stop on the "End of Summer Express"...

walking west

Today's soundtrack: For some reason a song from summer's past that I've always loved...

Stone Temple Pilots - Plush

PS--Apologies for the lack of links today, I'm just so lazy ;-)

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