Friday, September 12, 2008

Just Some Random Stuff

Last night I went to see "Three Changes" at the Playrights Horizons theater with my wonderful friend Rebbecca. It was a pretty intense show to see on the anniversary of 9/11 but the acting was wonderful. Dylan McDermott moved me to tears several times and the small theater was wonderful for this kind of play. It's on a limited engagement so check it out soon!

Tonight we're going to a Yankee game. Of course it's raining and the Yankees kind of stink this year. I'm not much of a hot dawgs and Bud Light gal (in fact I prefer darker beers and really do not like the taste of any light beer) and it's raining out, but, we've never been to Yankee Stadium together and seeing as they are knocking the whole thing down after this season, D bought tickets; and, I'm actually looking forward to it even though I think baseball is kind of boring. Sorry. I do. We're taking my parents and my mom has never even been to a baseball game in all her life so she's actually pretty excited about it. Again, too bad it's raining but I think we'll have fun. We're meeting at the Babe Ruth bat and having dinner in the clubhouse. I can't believe they don't allow people to wear jeans in there. I think that's the most idiotic rule ever. What are you supposed to wear to a baseball game?

We're going to East Hampton tomorrow and it's supposed to be a beautiful day so I'll be going out for a drive with my tripod to take some self-portraits and long island landscapes before the cold really sets in. September and October are my favorite months out there - no big crowds, cooler weather, parking spaces available, reservations that are at a time other than 5pm and 10pm...good stuff.

Finally, I've been on Photoshelter for a while now and I had just gotten the hang of it (sort of) when I received this email...Take a look if you're curious, or check out their corporate blog. It's too bad that this didn't work. I'm a HUGE fan of the Shoot! The Blog, but that's over now can check Rachel out here!

I'm on the hunt now for another place to sell my work online. Any suggestions?

Have a great weekend!

Email from PhotoShelter

Dear Friends,

We're contacting you today with some unfortunate news - we will be closing The PhotoShelter Collection, effective October 10, 2008. Going forward, our team will refocus heavily on enhancing our original product, The PhotoShelter Personal Archive, which several thousand photographers use for bulletproof storage and online image sales directly to their own clients. Our financial position remains solid and we look forward to working with the photography community for years to come.

More details about timing and the implications for contributors can be found in a personal statement on our corporate blog, and this FAQ document.

Just one year ago, we started the Collection with a mission to "change the image marketplace for good." Since then, we've amassed a remarkable global community. We've built a unique position in the industry fueled by integrity and a true passion for photography. We've held our commitment to fair treatment of photographers with a 70/30 split of every transaction, opened up your access to information through our School of Stock and symposium events, and gave every photographer - regardless of one's network, location, or level of expertise - a fair shot at selling your work to the industry's top buyers.

However, our approach was insufficient to change buyer behavior on a grand scale and generate revenues quickly enough to satisfy our goals for this product line. While image buyers worldwide appreciated our new approach, the size of our image selection and the incumbent player's entrenched subscription relationships were a persistent challenge. As a result, we saw few strategic options for the Collection that would allow us to stay true to our commitment to a better deal for photographers and our desire to change the industry.

Despite today's decision, we remain committed to using technology to advance both the art and business of photography. Our team's energy and innovative resources will ensure that the Personal Archive remains the best online solution to help independent photographers write their own success stories. If you are not yet a Personal Archive subscriber, we hope you will continue your relationship with the PhotoShelter community through that product.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to our global community of contributors. We've enjoyed a full year of seeing your exceptional images cross our desks, developed warm relationships with many of you through PhotoShelter events, and shared in your excitement when you've achieved sales through our marketplace.

We're looking forward to chatting more with you in person and demonstrating some new Personal Archive enhancements at October's PhotoPlus International Conference.

With gratitude,

Allen Murabayashi


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