Monday, September 08, 2008

Feeling Blue

It's good to be home. No matter where I go or how long I am away I always appreciate sleeping in my own bed and having my routine back. I am a person who loves to travel, try new things, visit strange and exotic places.... I am also a person who can appreciate the comforts of home and the familiar.

The weather in Miami was not great due to the hurricanes that are plaguing the area right now from Cuba to the Gulf Coast. Even so, we had a wonderful time as a family. On one particular afternoon, after a nice long nap, I decided that I was bored enough to turn the camera on myself in our dimly lit room. I had no tripod so these were all arms length or with the camera propped on a nightstand. There were definitely some beach photos and a few street shots that I took when we went down to South Beach for drinks one rainy afternoon, but, I feel that these are some of my best of the trip. Not sure why since nothing about them says "my summer vacation." Then again, I am somewhat random so it doesn't surprise me at all this these are the photos that I choose to share after such a long time away from here.

I haven't been feeling particularly inspired lately. I haven't felt like blogging or even posting photos to Flickr. I'm feeling a little blue. I feel myself coming out of it but I'm definitely in a funk-a-roo, like my sister would say. I wasn't feeling well right before our trip and I wasn't feeling that great while we were away. I had a terrible reaction to a medication that I was taking to feel better and now I am on antibiotics to counteract that...not fun. I was, however, feeling fabulous this weekend at the Hamptons wedding weekend of my good friends, the new Dr. and Mr. Steven Vine. Photos of this wonderful event will be shared separately.

For now, I'm sleepy. I spent the day nursing myself back to health and unpacking our bags. So, here are those self-portraits, at least the ones that made the cut...

Today's soundtrack:

I love it and suits any mood....

Corcovado - Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz

And, because I adore her, here's my little Palomita on her first plane ride with her mommy, grandma and me.

And, finally, happy anniversary to my wonderful parents. love you.

mommy and daddy:)

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