Wednesday, September 17, 2008

art has no boundaries

I'm working on a few different posts at a time. This is the first of a string of many. Hooray! I've been processing photos like a mad woman and getting ready to share many of them here. It's been a bit overwhelming over the last few days.

I have spent a few days roaming the streets of Soho. I love everything about that neighborhood on a quiet mid-week afternoon. I prefer Mercer, Greene and Wooster to West Broadway and Sixth Avenue because the crowds are much smaller but I love all of it. I love the cobblestones, the architecture, the shops and most of all the light that touches this amazing area. I also love the graffiti. In fact I like a lot of the graffiti that you see in New York but there's something about what you see downtown that is really inspiring. Some people will tell you it's junk and vandalism. I think it adds to the character of the place. I think it has a culture of its own and I think it adds to the beautiful landscape, chaos and kinetic energy of New York City.

One Way

Art Has No Boundaries

Urban Landscape

Nobody Cares

PS--I've seen "Nobody Cares" all over the place. On a recent night out we were coming out of a restaurant on Seventh Avenue near Waverly. I saw "Nobody Cares" written on the sidewalk and whipped out my blackberry because my d300 just didn't fit in my small clutch that I decided to carry that night. I admit that I had one too many glass of Pinot Noir that night and accidentally deleted the image from my handheld. So sad. Now I keep my eye out (ugh - no pun intended) for this big eye (to ward off the evil eye I suppose),that dollar sign and the crown...I love that crown - perhaps as a nod to the tremendous Jean-Michel Basquiat. Aah, so many interpretations.

Here's a tune for today's soundtrack (which I've left out for the last few posts) from the film directed by Julian Schnabel. Another genius.

Hallelujah - John Cale

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