Sunday, August 17, 2008

Through a Looking Glass

...I Like Not Knowing...

I started the blog at a friend's suggestion. I was very reluctant at first and when I started this blog I was unsure about where it was going to go, what I wanted it to be, what I would write about and how I would write about it, how often I would, I basically closed my eyes and jumped right into the pool.

This week I was reading the archives of a favorite blogger and on the one year anniversary of her blog she reflected on her original intentions when she first started blogging and how the site evolved over the course of one year. I very much relate to what she was saying because it has been a mere six months since I've started this and I already notice the changes in the site and the difference between what I thought I would do and what I've been doing. Beyond just "taking pictures" because I like it, it has become much more of a reflection of where I'm going, where I came from, what has led me to this place and the inspiration that helps me do all of it.

So, as part of this reflection, I've decided to change the name of my blog. It will always be "Ciao, Chessa!" because that is who I am (and perhaps a post on this sometime in the future is in order) but I'm changing the simple "I Like to Take
Pictures" subtitle. This place is much more than that to me and I am really confident that it will mean even more to me and that it will grow as I get to my one year anniversary and beyond.

So, welcome to "My Looking Glass" - same place, different title.

In the spirit of feeling inspired, I'm thankful to another blogger who has inspired me to add a soundtrack to each post. I think that this is perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

Tristeza - Astrud Gilberto

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