Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The "Thank You" Text

This is a post that was meant for yesterday but I was sad about
Jay, the doggy dog so I didn't post it. I'm still sad about Jay but I made a five times a week posting promise so...

We had dinner with friends on Saturday night at the
Tribeca eatery, Roc. This has nothing to do with the story except that we were all there and the food was outrageously delicious. Three of our friends who were there, all single guys ranging in age from 26 to 32, schooled us old married folks on the current dating etiquette. "When you guys were dating, there was no such thing as a text message." Wow, I've been with my husband for a long time.

Apparently now, on top of the "you must wait three days to call your date" rule, there is now a "you must send your date a "thank you text" after the date" rule or basically, you suck. This is "standard dating protocol." I definitely do not have a sense of entitlement and I am definitely an appreciative person but can't you just say "thank you" when you say "good-night" or the next time you speak....you know, three days later?

I started dating my husband seven years ago. We broke the "rule" and spoke the day after our first date. It was a pretty amazing date. I thanked him that night like a normal person. Chivalry is not dead...it's just technologically advanced.

On a side note, I read this great article in the New York Times Magazine this weekend about this artist,
Brian Donnelly, who although he's been widely known for his "street art" for years, has only recently formed a relationship with a gallery. As artists, I think that most people are looking for representation. Galleries open so many doors for an artist and give the artist so much exposure.
Brian Donnelly is a perfect example of how people are becoming well-known without the help (at least at first) of a brick and mortar gallery hanging the work on their wall. I'm really looking forward to seeing his exhibit in November at the Gering and Lopez Gallery here in New York. He'll also be in Miami in September and in Los Angeles in early 2009. Check it out...I will!

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