Sunday, August 03, 2008

New York Weekend Super Sport

If there's one favorite past time of most New Yorkers, it's shopping for real estate on the weekends. We like to open up the
New York Times Real Estate Section to check out all the open houses for that weekend. We're not looking to buy anything right now but it's fun to see what's out there, and, if the right "must have" place were to magically appear, then it would be a different story. Today we got on the subway and went over to our old neighborhood, Brooklyn Heights, to snoop the newest places on the market. Aside from the sport, as a real estate professional it is especially important for me to learn the market in other areas of the city, see the trends, know the inventory, meet other brokers, etc.

I love Brooklyn Heights. I love the neighborhood feel, I love the tree-lined streets, I love the architecture, I love how quiet it is, I don't even mind all the strollers (ok, I do, but whatever). I really feel like I could live there again. I got back on the R train feeling nostalgic for the time when I first moved there - when my husband and I had been dating for about a year and I moved in with him in the smallest apartment on the most beautiful block in Brooklyn. I love it for all of these reasons that I've just said but also I think because that's where we first fell in love. Either way, I love it. I miss it.

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