Monday, August 18, 2008

Motivation! Please?!

I don't like Mondays. For me they usually begin by dragging myself out of bed a few minutes after my husband leaves for work (actually this happens on most mornings). He gets me ready for the day with his usual good morning mood - this is an obligation that he will have for the rest of his life since he married a night owl. It also helped that it is a beautiful day in New York City today.

I like to turn on the Today show and sit at the computer and read my usual sites and online newspapers while I enjoy my coffee. The order is usually: gmail,
Flickr, Photoshelter and Shoot! The Blog,
New York Times, Facebook, MSNBC. Aside from the usual emails I get every day from the New York Times, American Airlines, Photoshelter, and the usual family, friends and work-related emails, today I received two emails from Photo District News regarding two separate photo contests. One is a contest for travel photography with a deadline of this week and the other is a portrait contest.

Trying to work for yourself can be very difficult. Beyond making your own schedule, trying not be completely sidetracked and end up procrastinating all day, becoming motivated, etc. can all be very complicated. I exaggerate, of course, since most people who know me will tell you that I am a very focused person, but, in the middle of a gorgeous August day...becoming and staying focused indoors at your computer is hard....very. I should be looking for properties right now rather than typing this blog post, in fact!

Even on a day like today though, with respect to photography, aside from a day of outdoor street shooting, nothing gets me more motivated than the possibility of submitting my work to a photo contest or two or three or four. In my view, it is extremely important to be
diligent in submitting work to photo contests. The costs can certainly add up but the
exposure gained through submitting work to contests is huge - especially if you win! Of course there are skeptics, but whatever, in this business, like in many things in life, you have to have thick skin to survive.

Today's Listening List of my all-time favorites.

Brilliant Disguise - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

Here are a few photos that I've been contemplating for the
PDN portrait contest.

En Una Rueda

A Place of Worship

esta mujer

Es la Hora

An Eye For Jazz Fest

.Camuflaje Eficaz.

hay milonga de amor

Life on a River

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