Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Than One Way

I'm quite indecisive these days. I've been playing with my new actions and also trying out some new techniques on CS3. Beyond just choosing between color and black and white, I've been spending some time playing with tones, exposure, layers and color balance. I haven't posted the original but here are three ways to process one image.

Today's soundtrack...I'm feeling nostalgic today...we chose this song for a montage in our wedding video. I love it.
More Than This - Roxy Music

The New Yorkers

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Elizabeth said...

It's very cool to see you share the different options you are weighing in terms of color/tone/etc. I like to see how more experienced photographers make those choices.

amy said...

all three are wonderful, the top is my favorite.

Chessa said...

Elizabeth, thanks! It's fun to try different things out, get outside my comfort zone...It's just practice:)

Amy, thanks! I think that one is my favorite too...

Matt said...

I am constantly awed by the results of your shots when you post them here and on Flickr. Cool to see the thought process that goes into them!

My thought process:

1. Upload photo.
2. Do sharpen/B&W/color thingies
3. What's for dinner?
4. Bath time for Jake!
5. Watch "Scrubs" DVD
6. Post photo