Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I put off writing this post because I wanted to watch
Project Runway. I thought it was on at 10:00pm like in past seasons but Bravo has moved it up to 9:00pm. I DVR everything so I rarely watch the shows in "real time" so I'm not surprised I don't know what time it is on. I am obsessed with this show. I'm not a huge fan of reality shows overall, but, Project Runway is my one exception. The people are so talented and they have so much energy! Plus, I love the ridiculous, bitchy banter between Michael Kors and Nina Garcia - they are hilarious. And, I think that Heidi Klum is one of the most beautiful and unaffected women in the world - this is not a common combination and I love how natural she is. Anyway, I'm a little disappointed so far this year but I'm still enjoying it. I don't really have any favorites right now but last year I loved Christian and Jillian from the very first episode. I'm excited to see how it will turn out. I'm happy that Jennifer went home tonight. I'm sure she's really talented but her work just didn't cut it compared to all the other people who are on there.

I suppose one reason why I love Project Runway so much is because you have these people creating works of art out of yards of fabric and a "challenge" created by the judges in such short periods of time. They really churn out these amazing things (unlike some of the other crap reality shows on today). I like to see how they interpret these challenges in their own way. Similarly, I enjoy seeing how one artist interprets another's work. This happened to me this week when I was contacted by an artist named
Janet Karam. Janet has beautifully transformed my photograph into a painting. Visit her page to see her other work.

Janet's view:

A Quarter and Half - A Painting

My view:

A Quarter and a Half

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