Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Friday Night Lights

My father recently lent me his 50mm f/1.4. He thinks he's getting it back. I was a little skeptical at first to leave the house without my beautiful 18-200mm but I'm now hooked on the 50mm f/1.4. For street photography the zoom lens is key for me, but, with the 50mm f/1.4 the light and depth of field are amazing - not to mention that my d300 weighs half as much as it does without the 18-200mm. Sorry, dad.

It's Wednesday and I'm already thinking about the weekend. Last Friday we went to a great bar in the East Village called Marshall Stack with some friends who are regulars. They have great beers on tap and an even better jukebox. The place also has some great light, or lack thereof for my purposes. The bar is a beautiful wood and the taps are a lovely bronze color so the light from the behind the bar that is reflected is perfect for this lens.

I learned very quickly when I became interested in photography that light and aperture are the two most important elements of photography. Aperture is the size of the opening in the lens when a picture is taken. A large aperture allows a lot more light to fall onto the sensor, and when this happens you have the freedom of using a faster shutter speed. This is especially handy in situations of low light. When you hit the shutter release button of your camera a hole opens up that allows your camera's image sensor to capture the scene you’re photographing. The aperture that you set impacts the size of that hole. The larger the hole the more light that gets in - the smaller the hole the less light. I love playing with this new lens in all situations from portraits to landscapes to wildlife. But, I really enjoyed pushing the limits, without a tripod, indoors. I'm not sure that these are the best images to illustrate my point but they are what happens when I am feeling snap happy and have had a few beers with friends on a Friday, summer night in New York.

The rest of the images are of some freaky mannequins on the store on the corner of where we live. I've always wanted to take their photo but the shop owner scares me a little so I never raise my camera at them during business hours.

Happy hump day!

Bokeh on Tap







Stay tuned for more bokelicious depth of field experiments with the 50mm...they will (might) include less alcohol-induced photos.

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