Friday, August 29, 2008

Beach Reading

I'm thankful for the time we'll have to relax while we're here in Miami Beach. Of course our flight was delayed but I'm happy to report that we got here safe and sound and Palomita was very well behaved on her first plane ride.

I have a lot of reading material for the beach. This morning I was reading
American Photo magazine, one of my favorite photography magazines. There was a very interesting article about photography workshops. Well, it's interesting to me because obviously I love photography (duh), but, also because I've been thinking about taking a workshop or a class for a while now.

It's not news that over the past few years photography has seen an astonishing number of technological advancements. American Photo reports that there has also been a major rise in the number of workshops offering guidance to devoted enthusiasts. The sophistication (and often complexity) of modern photography has created a thirst for knowledge of the digital arts, from shooting to post-production and printing. Incidentally, for film lovers, the magazine also reports that there are also plenty of workshops dedicated to those photographers who are enthralled by "antiquated" processes and technologies, including film (I miss film). But the demand for technical training doesn't fully explain why workshops have become so popular and plentiful. Many also offer the chance for travel and others can be a source for valuable career mentoring. I love to travel and am really seeking mentorship in this business. When I was a practicing attorney I had so many mentors, many of whom my husband and I are friends with now. And, I feel confident that I could still call my former mentors if I even needed advice in the legal profession. But, the same is not true for me with respect to my fledgling photography career.

So, in an effort to hone my skills, practice the art and technique and of course, be mentored and learn from the best, I've been thinking about signing up for a workshop. I'm also thinking about taking a class at one of the many great schools in New York City but I'm focused on the workshop right now. I often see the Santa Fe workshops advertised in Pop Photo and other magazines and this one in particular caught my eye in American Photo - Mentor Closeup: David Alan Harvey.

I've admired Mentor Closeup: David Alan Harvey for a while since I know his work with Magnum (I especially admire all the work he does for emerging photographers). He gives a workshop in Brooklyn and I'm thinking that I might apply to see if my application for the workshop is accepted (although I think I might be away again during the time of his next workshop). I need to be pushed beyond my comfort zone and it sounds like people with many different backgrounds are invited to participate in the workshop. I've been following his blog, Road Trips, for a while and I highly recommend it. My only disclaimer is that you might lose the next two hours (or more) of your life navigating around that page and all the amazing photographs.

On a side note, here's a photo that my cousin took of Palomita and me sleeping yesterday. My sister, Paloma's mama, is watching us in the corner. This baby is just like me in that she can pass out in the middle of a room full of people, the TV on, everyone talking, etc. Apparently she woke up half way through our nap and in my sleep I started rocking her until she fell asleep again. I love how she sleeps with her little arms up. My sister says that when she was in her belly she did the "starfish" - arms up, legs out. In 20 years I'll still look at this photo and it will make me laugh. I love this kid so much.

Chez, Palomita and Pao

Today's soundtrack (I LOVE Reggaton although I don't always admit it)...

Pobre Diabla - Don Omar

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