Monday, July 21, 2008

In the City

A city is a place where there is no need to wait for next week to get the answer to a question, to taste the food of any country, to find new voices to listen to and familiar ones to listen to again.

Margaret Mead

I saw this quote today and I loved it. I've been back in New York for just over 24 hours and even though it is hot, hot, hot in the city, I'm so happy to be home. I miss Buenos Aires. I was there for what seemed like a blink, but, I'm always happy when the plane lands in JFK and my cab goes into the Midtown Tunnel to take me to my favorite island - home. This week I'm posting some of my favorite images of my trip, but for right now, this is for my home sweet home, New York City.

Sun Kissed in the City