Thursday, June 12, 2008

We Are Connected

By Monica L. Shulman

I am thrilled to announce the publication of my first Blurb book.

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Growing up and living in New York City I have always been inspired by my surroundings. New York has boundless energy where the simple act of walking down the street can elicit a sense of awe. Every corner of the City is alive with a spirit that dances with the symbiotic mix of people, sights and sounds inhabiting its streets and avenues. Remarkably, I find similar inspiration in those corners of the world so far from the one that is most familiar to me. Indeed, it is through my travels that I have learned that there is an invisible thread that links each of us with the other.

Through the lens of my camera I have seen this invisible thread come to life. The landscapes range from the clearest waters of the lakes of Patagonia to the most polluted in Central Cambodia; the cityscapes from the most relevant and modern skyscrapers of New York City to the aged, hurricane-ravaged and classic buildings of New Orleans; the streets from the most eclectic in Miami, Florida to the deeply cultural and historic streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina; and, the faces, from the modest monk of Angkor Wat, Cambodia to the child from Misiones, Argentina, the proud musicians of the French Quarter in New Orleans and the man relaxing by the side of the road in Mexico. In each landscape, cityscape, street and face the thread connecting us glows more brightly and even in the uniqueness of each setting, the connecting bond of humanity is unerasable.

I will always remember these places and I take them with me everyday, every where I go. With each click of my camera shutter it becomes more clear to me how connected we all are by a tireless energy and spirit that inspires us all to build, create, grow and live. It is always my hope that I am able to capture that unguarded moment so that others may see the same, beautiful thread that binds us all together. My images are meant to emerge without visual complications and are simply my subtle observation of this big, yet small world where we all live together, connected.

By Monica L. Shulman