Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Photographer's Eye - The Frame

This is the third part of my previous entries regarding John Szarkowski's book, the Photographer's Eye. This entry is related to the third of what Szarkowski says are the five characteristics of the medium of photography - the frame.

Szarkowski points out that since a photographer's image is not conceived as such, but rather, selected, the subject of a photograph is never truly discrete or wholly self-contained. For example, if a photographer's frame surrounded two figures, isolating them from a crowd where they were standing, that chosen frame created a relationship between those two figures that had never before existed. The central act of photography, of choosing and eliminating, forces a concentration on the edge of an image and on the shapes and figures that are created in it.

I've gone through my archives and I've tried to find some work that falls squarely within the parameters that Szarkowski defines extensively in his book. Many of my images fall into more than one category that he outlines but the images below I think fall squarely within this one - the frame.

Lost in Translation

The Couple

Corner Me

el recuerdo

The Woman Under the Bridge


...te desprendes de mí, yo me quedo en vos...

Ride It

The Boy at Home on the River

Sit!  Stay!