Monday, June 02, 2008

The Photographer's Eye - The Detail

This is the second part of my previous entry regarding John Szarkowski's book, the Photographer's Eye. This entry is related to the second of what Szarkowski says are the five characteristics of the medium of photography - the detail.

Photographers are tied to the facts of things and it is a photographer's job to tell the truth. Photographers can only record things as we find them. The clarity with which a photograph records fact fills them with undiscovered meaning because of the detail that is found. Szarkowski states in his book that the decline of narrative painting has been ascribed, in large part, to the rise of photography, which "relieved" the painter of the necessity of story telling. The function of pictures is not to make a story clearer but rather to make it real.

I've gone through my archives and I've tried to find some work that falls squarely within the parameters that Szarkowski defines. Interestingly enough, I feel that art knows no parameters...However, when examining my own work, I find that it can be categorized as he explains. Of course I think that many of my images fall into more than one category but then again so much in life that cannot simply be described in black or white does the same.

things I do not understand


The Aloof

No Trespassing

Urban Escapes

Curious Boy

floating on the silence that surrounds us

An Eye For Jazz Fest

if you want it, you've got to believe

Holy Back

The B-Movie Actress and the Villain

well hung

Sorry Street

The Offering
Manhattan Reds

Mayan Cemetary

With Liberty