Saturday, June 14, 2008

Manhattan Summer Weekends

I love summer in the city. Sure, it is hot, but, whenever we can't make it to the beach or the pool, we enjoy an afternoon walking around town. A lot of people go away for the weekend and for those of us who stay behind, we enjoy streets that are less crowded, cabs that are unoccupied, restaurants where you can actually get a reservation and bars with less B&T. Those of us who hang out in Manhattan during the summer weekends can enjoy the bright colors and wonderful smells of the street fairs and the general goodness of a stroll through the Green Market in Union Square (for those of us who are working when it is held during the week) and all the other random things that happen in our fine city. I love New York.




Astor Place Street Vendor

Green With Envy

Out to Dry



Kebabs on Park Avenue