Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In Color and in Black and White

There are times when I take a photograph and I see it in
black and white only
. To me, the scene will just call for black and white and
color is all wrong.

Similarly, there are times when black and white is all wrong and colors just make the image what it is.

Then there are those times when I take a photograph and I have a difficult time deciding if black and white or color would be better. Of course the focus is on different things when an image is in color or when it is in black and white, and, naturally, someone's perception of an image is completely personal. In black and white the focus is often on light and shadow, contrast and tone, and images seem more moody. In color, we often focus on the range of colors and the intensity of the colors and what they add to the scene. When I see an image in both color and in black and white, I make both. Of course whether to process in color or in black and white is completely subjective and with photoshop, it can be whatever I want it to be. What do you think?

Here are some that I saw only in b&w:

We Are All Shades of Grey

to be young

Lines in the Sand


In the Windows

Here are some that I saw only in color:



Ride It

An Eye For Jazz Fest

New Rain City

Here are some as both:


Manhattan Reds

After the Rain

Lost in Translation

The Aloof

The Shy

I'll be Round